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Your Questions

Long Span Roofing Sheets

What types of construction work does your company undertake?
Private & Government Projects

Specifically, why should we choose you over another builder?
:: We offer free consultation services
:: Flexible terms of payment
:: We have professionals who deliver standard services
:: We work with speed and accuracy

We have a partially built edifice, will you be able to complete it for us?

Do you undertake renovation of existing structures?

Will you be able to undertake a project outside Accra?

Will you be able to complete my partially roofed project?
Yes, provided the initial contract is terminated

My roof leaks, do I need to replace the entire roof?
No, all you need is a leakage free servicing

How much will a new roof for our office complex cost us?
The exact cost of your roof will be known after we take an estimate of your woodwork. However, we can provide you with provisional estimates from your roof plan

How long will my new roof last?
Over 20yrs

Do you offer free estimates?
Yes, all our estimates are free of charge

Can I obtain an estimate over the telephone or even by email?

How long will it take you to paint our new hotel?
That will depend on the amount of work involved which we can determine only after we come by to conduct an analysis and estimate

Will you help us to choose appropriate paint colours for our project?

When you undertake a painting project for us, how long will the paint last on our walls?
5 years on the average

We own a big building in the Republic of Togo, will you come to paint it for us?
Yes, our services go beyond the borders of Ghana