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Benheirs Long Span Roofing Sheets

Long Span Roofing Sheets

For several years now, Benheirs Roofing and Construction Company Limited has been the leading manufacturer of various types of roofing sheets in Ghana. Realizing opportunity in the Aluminum roofing market in Ghana, Benheirs Company Ltd. started the production of quality roofing sheets at unbeatable prices.

Our roofing line includes pre-painted roofing sheets, galvanized roofing sheets, and self lock roofing sheets.

Benheirs roofing sheet is an alloy of Aluminum and Zinc, hence the name Aluzinc. The material used for manufacturing the products contains chemicals that are resistant to rust. The pre-painted colors of the products stay without fading or peeling off because of the highly advanced technique of production. It is efficient for hot tropical climates. These long span roofing products of the company come in Tiles, Strips, IBR, IDT and Concave shaped roofing sheets. The product comes along with well designed Ridge caps, Valleys, Rain Gutters, etc, to enhance your building to perfection. Special nails are used for installation to make the roofing stronger and more beautiful. With strip, the nails do not appear directly thereby making the surface of the roofing smooth and even in nature. With the rest, nails are covered with plastic caps of the same color of the sheets.

Design and Innovation
Unique designs demand inspired material solutions as there is no other product like it, our Colorbond lends itself to innovative designs and applications. It gives unique definition to high profile, prestige projects.

Whatever the application, be it 'everyday' or distinctly one-off, our product makes a strong statement about your individuality and eye for detail.

The inner beauty of our product stems from world-leading steel technology that provides long-life, anti-corrosion performance. The secret is the four-stage production process. First, a Zincalume steel base. This ensures outstanding, anti-corrosion performance. Next, a conversion layer is chemically applied to enhance coating adhesion, then a corrosion inhibitive primer is baked onto the surface and finally, a durable grade top-coat is baked on in a process which is unique to our product - in short, our material is made to stand the test of time.